OT: Re: Wildcard DNS (pros and cons)

Allen Wooden allen.wooden at harboreast.net
Sun Dec 12 14:05:59 UTC 2004

Edward Buck(ed at bashware_REMOVEME_.net)@2004.12.10 11:55:20 %z:
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> It's not difficult to block *.o2.pl to prevent these mails from getting
> through but those with limited mail filtering setups may find it
> difficult (blocking each variation of *.o2.pl is impossible).
I currently use a custom sendmail rulesets to do access map lookups 
for the MX domain in the envelope from.  So any domain name in the
envelope from that has a MX host that I've noticed alot of spam domains using
gets rejected.

So all the spam emails that are received with a from address that has a MX host in the o2.pl
domain would get rejected. Not the best solution but so far it seems to work. 

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