recursion or no-recursion?

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Yes, I have full control on B and C, but "stub" is not my best solution
because (this is what I know) it is a Bind-specific implementation and B and
C are not Bind-Based...
I thought to implement another type of configuration based on a per-domain =
forward zone, so:
on DNS B I think to configure a forward-zone for domain C ( domain C -> =
forwarders {C;}; )
on DNS C I think to configure a forward-zone for domain B ( domain B -> =
forwarders {B;}; )
and let A do like a forwarders for all other domain.
What do you think about this configuration?
Thanks again.

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Federico Renzetti wrote:
>Hi all,
>this is my first mail to this ml and I'm sorry but= I don't know if
>argument was already treated in the past.= 
>I have a DNS that is authoritative for the domain "" (DN=
>with delegation for internal subtree ""= (DNS =3D3D B)
>"" (DNS =3D3D C) .
>DNS= B and C use my DNS (A) as forwarder because it is the only who
could=3D20>reach internet so the problem is:
>could I allow recursion (in= A) for B and C only for addresses outside=3D20
>domain ""= and subtree?
>I would like to return ns delegation to B/C for subtre= e of domain=3D20
>"" but I would like to use recursion to = resolve internet=3D20
>Sorry for my english and th= anks in advance
I can't think of any way to accomplish this. all= ow-recursion can't be 
set selectively. If you have any administrative c= ontrol over B and C, 
why not just define the subzones as stub zones on = those servers?

                                            - Kevin


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