Forwarding: The decision, whether to employ it, is *complex*, kids.

Ace Fekay [MVP] PleaseSubstituteMyActualFirstName&LastNameHere at
Sat Dec 11 04:43:28 UTC 2004

In news:c1.01.2tmkLP$5AJ at,
Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <J.deBoynePollard at Tesco.NET> made a post then I 
commented below
>      If you're not using a forwarder (well, then you should be.
>      [...]
>      Dana Brash
>    In the discussion forum for ISC's BIND, DevilsPGD has just written:
>        Why are you using forwarding? This is silly, dangerous and
> pointless.
>      I agree 100% with the above -- I'm curious, can anybody tell me
> why the whole forwarding fetish seems to be so popular, especially in
> printed books and documentation and MCSEs?
>      Most crackerjack box MCSEs are not only stupid, but lazy --
> Setting up forwarding takes a few more seconds then not setting up
> forwarding, so what's the benefit?
>  Jonathan, you need to lay off the caffeine...
> Someone may need to. But it isn't me, Mike.
>  Were all here to help and advise, and the more responses a poster
> receives, invites collaboration. Your understanding of DNS is
> remarkable, and is welcomed in the discussions, but to flame, is
> unwarranted.
> Direct your criticism toward the right person. DevilsPGD wrote the
> text that you are replying to. Take it up with him. I wrote the text
> that came afterwards, contradicting it, that you aren't quoting or
> replying to.

If I criticized the wrong party, I apologize. It is sometimes difficult to 
read your response, since there is no rt-angle bracket or anything else 
deffrentiating a previous post and your response. They all look like you 
posted the same thing. I'm not sure how your Mozilla on Linux newsreader 
works, but your responses *appear* to be mixed in to the posts you are 
replying/commenting on. Previously you've used a different method, and was 
quite discernable, however of late, I've been having difficulty, hence why I 
thought you were the flamer.


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