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Tue Dec 14 00:23:00 UTC 2004

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> I have a domain and website hosted at an ISP, now I want to bring my home
> linux box using DSL online as a subdomain. The ISP advices me that I need a
> static IP to accomplish this task.
> I have found that the monthly static ip expense far exceeds the annual
> yearly fee that I am presently paying for the hosting service and domain
> name combined.
> I understand the ISP's desire for a static ip, however, I am now wondering
> if running a slave DNS locally and using a service such as zoneedit or
> no.ip would be sufficient?

Use a dynamic DNS service, and create a CNAME record in your domain that 
maps the name to your dynamic DNS name.  E.g. if your dynamic name is, and your hosted domain is, you can 
create the entry: IN CNAME

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