BIND 9 crash bug #1387

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Tue Dec 14 06:51:11 UTC 2004

Paul Roberts <red3kgto at> wrote:
> We had a customer whose DNS servers (running BIND 9.2.1) crashed due
> to the following bug that was fixed in 9.2.3rc1:

> 1387. [bug]  named could crash due to an access to invalid memory
>    space (which caused an assertion failure) in
>    incremental cleaning.  [RT #3588]

> Obviously there's no substitute to running the latest version of BIND,
> but this outage has caused a lot of carnage and they are now asking
> what would trigger this crash. Obviously it mentions "incremental
> cleaning" (whatever that is?) but is there a specific series of events
> that would trigger a crash like this?

1/ install 9.2.1

2/ not reading security announcements for a period of two years

3/ affected by an inherent coding mistake in (1)

All software has bugs
- some will be discovered and may be corrected
- knowledge and willingness to know is the source to learn about
  weaknesses in software.

Ignorance and refusal to learn is the biggest threat to security.

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