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Wed Dec 15 06:41:15 UTC 2004

Hi Matt,

here you are:

>update add ras.system.local 3600 MX 50 mail.ras.system.local

you can use all standard RFC DNS Records for updating your zones with 

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Matt Kukowski <elitescripts2000 at>
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14.12.2004 11:12
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Thema:        nsupdate with bind9

I have nsupdate set up with keys with my bind9 server and I added/deleted 
A and CNAME records.. however Im having problems finding info/examples on 
how to add MX records.
Can someone send me or point me to a location where I can get all ( or all 
the most major ) examples on how to add all types of dns records ???
example to add an A record with nsupdate:
update delete A
update add 86400 A
Above would be example format Im looking for.. I know you need to add 
before updating.. I just need to know the lines to add MX records and 
better yet all types of records..
thanks in advance
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