Same zone in multiple views

Simon Hobson shobson0309 at
Wed Dec 15 08:58:06 UTC 2004

Mark Andrews wrote:
>	Send updates to both zones.  9.3.0 supports view selection
>	by use of TSIG.  Sign the updates with different TSIGs.

Just as a thought, if you are doing something like DHCP with DNS 
updates where this isn't an option ...

Put the master on a separate server, and make the zone in both views 
a slave of that. Then, whenever you do an update, the changes will 
get propagated to both slave zones.

However, by default, I think only one zone will update quickly as a 
result of a notify, so you may have to experiment a bit until you get 
a situation where you can get a notify sent to both views. I think 
this may involve an 'also-notify { <something> } on the master server 
where <something> will get treated by the slave as going to the 
'other' view.



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