Weird DNS Problems

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Wed Dec 15 12:40:44 UTC 2004

In article <cpp9c6$2c2f$1 at>,
 D McDonald <renski at> wrote:

> Sorry if this is a repeat, I signed up with renski at, and then 
> tried to send it out as renski at sdf
> Hi All,
> About a week ago we switched the DNS server of our domain to 
> It's a redhat
> machine running bind 9.2.3. However it now seems that on some DNS servers are 
> unable to resolve some addresses.
> For example on one isp works fine (non-auth), but 
> doesnt work. It appears
> that some of these servers are running on cache alone, im not sure. This is 
> only the second BIND server ive set
> up, and the first was a internal server. Below is my config file..

You still have the AT&T nameservers listed in your domain delegation, 
but they're not slaving off your server.  Contact AT&T and get them to 
update their configuration.

> $TTL 43200
> @ IN    SOA sysop at      (

That should be:

@ IN SOA (

>                                 14 ; serial
>                                 600 ; refresh, 2 minutes (TEMP VALUE FOR 
>                                 TESTING)
>                                 60 ; retry (TEMP)
>                                 3600000 ; expire
>                                 43200 ; ttl, 12 hours MAX for caching (TEMP)
>                                 )
> @               IN      A
>                 IN      NS

NS records must point to hostnames, not addresses.  That's being treated 

    IN NS

You should also list the slave nameservers in NS records.

>                 IN      MX      1
> saturn3         IN      A
> saturn4         IN      A  ; this is not a typo
> ; saturn1               ; internal use only
> ; WVC WWW             
> www             IN      A
> smartsystem     IN      A
> ns              IN      A
> ns2             IN      A

If you have a second nameserver, why don't you list it in the NS records?

> webplus2        IN      A
> webplus3        IN      A
> ; lpar3 also          
> lpar3           IN      A
> lpar4           IN      A
> lpar1ftp        IN      A
> lpar3ftp        IN      A
> lpar4ftp        IN      A
> ftp3            IN      A
> ftp2            IN      A
> lpar1           IN      A
> ftp             IN      A
> vr              IN      A
> If you set the server as your dns server it works fine, and ive checked the 
> domain under whois,
> and the first listed server is I just dont get it. If 
> anyone can see
> something im doing wrong, id be most grateful.
> Thanks,
> Renski

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Arlington, MA
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