dns "question" shows wrong info

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Thu Dec 16 01:02:19 UTC 2004

sojurn23 at gmail.com wrote:

>Thanks in advance for your help..
>What I see when I do an nslookup -d2 on yahoo.com is
>yahoo.com.MYDOMAIN.COM, type = A, class = IN
>shouldn't this be wrong?  Shouldn't it just put the "mydomain.com"
>after nonqualified names only?
No, nslookup will, by default, append the default domain (or elements of 
the searchlist) if the initial query fails. You can inhibit this 
behavior by appending a dot to the lookup argument.

>I'm getting time outs as well.  Perhaps as a result of this error.
>Any clarification would be helpful
I think you're confusing cause and effect here. I'd be more likely to 
think that the appendage of the default domain is because of the 
timeouts, not the other way around. And why would you expect 
"mydomain.com" queries to be timing out anyway? I assume "mydomain.com" 
is supposed to represent your own domain -- is it misconfigured on your 
nameservers in some way? Why don't you post the *entire* "-d2" nslookup 
output -- or, even better, "dig" output -- so that we can see what 
actually happened to your query?

                                             - Kevin

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