denied update messages filling logs

Davenport, Steve M. SDavenpo at
Thu Dec 16 19:44:28 UTC 2004

Hi group, 

I checked the archive and cound not find an answer on how to disable
logging for messages in 8.4.4 of the form:

Dec 16 13:39:39 ns-1 named[205]: [ID 295310 daemon.notice] denied update
from [].1571 for "" IN

They are filling my Solaris 8 system logs. The logging setup for security

logging {                                       
   channel secur { file "/opt/bind8/dns_sec.log"
                              size 2m;          
                              severity info;    
                              print-time yes;   
   category security { secur; };                

The denied update messages are not going to the dns_sec.log file and are
getting into the system logs based on their daemon.notice category.

Any help is appreciated?   Thanks, Steve

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