Yet another reverse DNS problem.

Porkchop porkchop at
Fri Dec 17 05:10:43 UTC 2004

I've hit a wall I've never hit before.

My ISP delegated me reverse DNS for Looks like they 
just created NS records for each IP to point to two of my DNS servers 
( and .3). I created the appropriate zones, etc, but 
reverse resolution does not work unless one was to query one of my 
servers directly. dig +trace seems to indicate that my ISP has 
correctly delegated the IPs to me.

Try at home:

   #does not work

   #does work

dig +trace
   # points to and .3

Recursive vs non-recursive requests: no difference.
Firewalls: disabling had no effect (grasping at straws) and problems 
still happen behind the firewall.
BIND versions: 9.3.0 right now, 9.2.3 didn't work either.

All other requests seem to go through fine. Its just this zone.

Anyone got any pointers? (heh.)

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