how to create _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.ActiveDirectoryDomainName file

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Fri Dec 17 14:33:25 UTC 2004

"john" <fonseca1 at> wrote:

>I want yo joing a member server to a Active dirctory server. when I use
>the dcpromo.exe and select a child option I am asked for user, pass and
>doamin. when I hit ok I get a measage the it Qued the DNS and it was
>missing the following file SRV. I
>looked at that location and it is there. In the process I started to
>create and delete files. Know I want to start from scratch and remove
>the DNS and then re-install it on this Domain controller. If there is a
>way to create this file that would help if there is a way to remove
>this DNS and then re-create it to reflect new information that would
>also work.
>Note when I do NSlookup i get
>default server: unknown
>Is there a way to update this information. 

You did not tell us the details of your DNS setup.  If the DNS is a
MS DNS Server with secure updates, then the DC should re-register its
records automatically if you re-create the DNS and its zones.

If the DNS is a BIND server, then you can have the netlogon file 
write a netlogon.dns file, which has the CNAME and SRV records that
you can then import into BIND.

If your setup is entirely MS, then you will get better answers by
asking a MS-oriented discussion group.
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