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Fri Dec 17 20:41:09 UTC 2004

Dean Brooks <dean at iglou.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 16, 2004 at 05:38:25PM -0600, Tim Kelley wrote:
>> On Wednesday 15 December 2004 15:40, Plantier, Spencer wrote:
>> > Is there a way in Solaris 9 with nslookup to see all the DNS records. We
>> > are converting DNS to a new box and trying to verify that we have all
>> > the records transferred over.
>> For god's sake, just stop using nslookup and use dig.

> Maybe if dig didn't have the world's most convoluted and non-standard
> options processing, more people would embrace it.

Welcome to un*x !

A great number of un*x commands are "non-standard", reason is that 
the apps themself that decodes the command line. See that as a 
degree of freedom, most commands has,in spite of ther non-standard
approach, a sensitive and logical way of processing arguments.

dig has it's own, but as they connect logically to "dns-speak" they
seem to fit.  You will need some manual reading and some "getting-used-to"
time to spend.

Other commands that has peculiar format is 'dd' 'dump' 'stty' ( the 
list is loooong).

If you don't like it' well the source is there, just change
according to your needs. Easier is to create a wrapper-script 
that processes arguments in your favorute way.

If you don't feel comfortable - well, as another poster said :
UNIX is very user-friendly, it is however carfully choosing users.

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