rndc flush

Eswari eswaris at mos.com.np
Mon Dec 20 20:26:18 UTC 2004

> Rakesh Man Karmacharya <rakeshman at mos.com.np> wrote:
> > Hi Everyone
> >  Recently i installed bind 9.3 as our DNS server .Every things are
> > fine but some times it does not resolve few sites to up come from that
> > problem we have to flush rndc . And  I think this is not the proper way
> > solve this problem .Is there any alternative way to solve this problem?
> > Thanks in Advance
> > Rakesh Man Karmacharya
Peter wrote :
> Which sites gives problems ? Chances are that those sites does
> somthing wrong.
if the problem in sites the how come it could resolve by other DNS and could
browse from other network.This confirms the problem in our DNS ie. bind 9.3.
We have many clients which use our DNS and whenever they have problem , we
have to flush rndc and after sometimes it stops resolving the same domain.
Everytime we have to flush and this doesnt seems to be comfortable at our
end as well as too problematic for our clients.
Is there any best way to solve this issue in bind 9.3 .
Any help to solve this problem is highly appreciated.

kind regards,

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