IXFR journal dump making 9.2.4 server non-responsive

Derek D. googlegroups20041216 at comp-u-port.net
Tue Dec 21 00:00:17 UTC 2004

I download, built and installed 9.3.0 today.  Most everything is OK,
except now I am getting the following errors:

"Dec 20 18:17:08 penn.admin.private named[26121]: [ID 866145
local1.info] zone dns-rbl.SOMEDOME.org/IN: refresh: unexpected rcode
(NXDOMAIN) from master XXX.XX.X.XXX#53 (source"

Where XXX.XX.X.XXX is the remote master server.

This machine is behind a Cisco 11503 load balancer and also is running
Solaris 8 with IPMP enabled.  Here is the options section of the

options {
directory       "/var/dns/namedb";
pid-file        "/var/run/named.pid";

statistics-file "/var/dns/dns.stats";

version "Surely you must be joking";

// Look for more specfics in the zone entries
provide-ixfr yes;
request-ixfr yes;
notify explicit;

query-source address;

listen-on {;;;;   };


This machine has two "data" interfaces into the net.
The .43 address should be used for the "bind data", but I am seeing
traffic get sourced from the other interface when I do a "rndc refresh
ZONE" when it goes to get the SOA records from the masters and thus
don't pass the rewrite rules going out the load balancer.

I know that I am not providing enough enough information in this post,
but also not sure exactly what info I should post to further trouble
shoot this.


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