NT 9.3.0 release == 9.3.0rc4???

Vinny Abello vinny at tellurian.com
Tue Dec 21 03:48:33 UTC 2004


I apparently originally installed rc4 on the new server from an old 
distribution... when I downloaded the final release version, I installed 
without stopping the service and it didn't overwrite it (but the installer 
didn't throw any errors or suggest stopping the service so I didn't know it 
never succeeded). It's now 9.3.0 and not 9.3.0rc4 so I solved my own 
problem. Still, I think the installer should have warned about that or at 
least thrown an error.

At 10:39 PM 12/20/2004, Vinny Abello wrote:
>I just downloaded the latest binary distribution of BIND 9.3.0 for NT. In
>the event log when started, it indicates that it is still 9.3.0rc4??? Is
>this correct? Is rc4 the same as the final release?

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