BIND9.3.0 installation

Stefan Puiu stefanpuiu at
Tue Dec 21 10:26:07 UTC 2004

I agree. The Sun compiler, as far as I know, costs thousands of dollars 
(only the upgrade from any previous version to Sun Studio 9 is 1000$, 
while the standalone version is 3000$), the HP-UX one is a bit cheaper 
(1525$ for the HP-UX 11i version) - these are the two I've used, and we 
need them because we do development on those platforms. But otherwise, 
when a) there's a free compiler available (although I don't know how 
well does gcc perform on PA-RISC); b) you're unlikely to compile stuff 
that often to justify the investment, I wouldn't buy the vendor compiler.

Sometimes the OS vendor provides old versions of BIND (HP provides BIND 
9.2.0) and you want to build newer ones, without having to spend that 
much money. It would be helpful if ISC would support gcc on the 
architectures where it is stable enough.

Gregory Hicks wrote:

>But to say that you have to use the vendor's "usual compiler" to build
>the binaries just locks a user/admin into a usually costly
>My $0.02 worth...

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