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Wed Dec 22 05:51:58 UTC 2004

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> greetings
> I have a mail system i would like to setup a cache only name server on. 
> Basically i want to speed up my lookups.
> here is my named.conf
> //
> // a caching only nameserver config

If your server is accessible from the Internet, you might want an 
"options" section containing 'allow-query { localhost; }'.  Otherwise, 
your configuration looks fine.
> then on the mail system i want the /etc/resolv.conf to look at the 
> local cache before it does a lookup. does this sound right?
> what else do i need to configure?

What do you mean by "before it does a lookup"?  You want to list the 
local host as the nameserver to do the lookups on.

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