about organization of dns views

phn at icke-reklam.ipsec.nu phn at icke-reklam.ipsec.nu
Thu Dec 23 18:42:16 UTC 2004

Fabiano Silos Reis <fsilos at ig.com> wrote:

>> Did you really mean to define 2 views with the same name, "internal"?
>> Probably not.  Try naming this view something else, like "external",
> and=20
>> see what happens.

> Sorry, it was a mistake while writing this message. Please, consider
> "external" at this point.

> view "internal" {
>         match-clients { "acl-internal"; };
>         include "zones-internal.inc";
> };

> view "external" {
>         match-clients { any; }; // everyone who is not "internal"
>         include "zones-external.inc";
> };

Why don't you post the config as it is, showing us an edited copy 
wont help, especially since we might be looking for typos in your

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