dig vs resolv.conf

Barry Margolin barmar at alum.mit.edu
Mon Dec 27 14:57:00 UTC 2004

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> hi all..
> i have a machine that has only an ip address in it's resolv.conf like this:
> nameserver     x.x.x.x
> if i do:
> # dig @x.x.x.x somesite.com
> this returns the correct answer right away.
> if i do just:
> # dig somesite.com
> i get:
> res_nsend to server default -- x.x.x.x: Operation timed out
> i know that x.x.x.x has the authoritative records for somesite.com
> the nameserver on x.x.x.x is BIND 9.2.1
> can somebody please explain why is this happening.

I don't think it should.  They should be equivalent.  Try adding the 
+debug flag to see what it's doing differently in each case.

> i have to mention that i don't have a search specified in the resolv.conf.
> does that matter? if so why?

No it shouldn't.  That tells the resolver (but not dig) to append 
various default domain suffixes to the name you give if it's not 

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