Bind behaves weirdly

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Tue Dec 28 06:48:12 UTC 2004

jc pinoteau <jc.pinoteau at> wrote:
> I am using bind 9.2.3 for caching only on several gateways with different
> ISPs. On one of them I get weird results. It won't resolve (for
> instance) for a few hours then it would do it again (without any action from
> my part). It will give the same result as if I was digging on a non existing
> domain.
> It is not a problem with the ISP as digging on the ISP's DNS returns a good
> result.

> If I restart bind it works again.

> How can I analyse what is happening? 

Better yet, how to resolve the issue. ??

Start with disabling forwarding. You won't need it the only thing you 
will get is dependency of you forwarders ( which seems to cause you trouble)

>            forward first;
>            forwarders {
>      ;
>      ;

>            };

remove these 5 lines

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