Bind behaves weirdly

phn at phn at
Tue Dec 28 17:20:08 UTC 2004

jc pinoteau <jc.pinoteau at> wrote:
> I'll try this. At least it will tell me who is guilty.

> My idea of using forwarding was for users comfort. Without forwarding =
> the
> researches starts from the root servers and some requests takes over =
> five
> seconds (the first time of course!), while with forwarding on the ISP's =
> (when it works!) the same requests takes a few milliseconds.

> I am still interested to figure out what's going wrong between my DNS =
> and
> the ISP's DNS. How can I get a trace of exchanges between those two?

ethereal. ( ) or tcpdump -w <file> -c 1500 -c <some number>

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