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Daniel Camacho dcamacho at
Tue Dec 28 20:43:54 UTC 2004


I'm not delegating the same domain. In my example, the root is .tld and
I'm delegated the sld.tld. It is the domain.sld.tld that I'm having
difficulty delegating to other name servers. It was working before. It
just so happens that it won't work now. I just can't find the cause of it.

I've indicated the problem in my first email via dig. Thanks for the help.


phn at said:
> Daniel Camacho <dcamacho at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have this strange BIND problem that I hope some of you can figure out.
>> We have a TLD who's delegating second level domains to another name
>> server. I then delegate tertiary domains to other name servers. For som=
> e
>> reason recently, all tertiary delegations don't seem to work. On some
>> networks like RR, digging the name sever produced good results while
>> others give a SRVFAIL error. This was working before and no work was do=
> ne
>> on our name server to produce this problem.
> If you delegate a second level you cannot delegate a third level of the
> same domain, it has to be done on the servers you delegated the second=20
> level to.
> Or did i mis-understood your question ?
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