Time outs when using forwarders

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Wed Dec 29 01:54:27 UTC 2004

At 10:17 AM 12/28/2004, Kenneth Mason wrote:
>I am considering changing my internal DNS servers so that they no longer
>use the root hints file and instead forward to a couple of caching only
>servers that do use the root hints file.

What has this got to do with solving any of your problems?

>I have been testing this configuration and am experiencing a
>significant number of resolution timeouts.  Note that my forwarder
>directive repeats the list of caching only servers 3 times.   I
>originally listed the caching only servers once, and there has been
>little or no improvement, even with including the caching only servers
>multiple times in the list.

How is having multiple entries helpful?

>The caching only and forwarder servers are running Bind 8.3.3.

That's  positively ancient. You should upgrade.

>My test environment consists of a WindowsXP workstation whose resolver
>list points to the forwarder DNS server.  When the http request times
>out, I hit the reload button and almost always the web page is then

If you're going to conduct a test on a WXP system you should first-of-all
stop the DNS Client Service which is caching all of the DNS responses.

>Can anyone offer a suggestion regarding the number of a resolution

Don't use forwarders.



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