Bind behaves weirdly

Neil W Rickert rickert+nn at
Tue Dec 28 03:10:45 UTC 2004

"jc pinoteau" <jc.pinoteau at> writes:

>I am using bind 9.2.3 for caching only on several gateways with different
>ISPs. On one of them I get weird results. It won't resolve (for
>instance) for a few hours then it would do it again (without any action from
>my part). It will give the same result as if I was digging on a non existing

I have occasionally seen this.  I could be mistaken here.  My
impression is that it occurs when all nameservers for the domain are
inside that domain, and apparently the glue A records for those
nameservers expired before the NS records themselves.  It seems that,
in those conditions, bind won't be able to resolve the address
properly until the NS records time out.

Some time ago, I set "max-cache-ttl 43200 ;" in my options.  I don't
recall seeing the problem since then -- at least not on my servers.
I still see it on some other campus servers which lack that option
setting.  Incidently, the reason for the option setting was unrelated
to this problem.

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