administering 1,000 zone files

Michael van Elst mlelstv at
Thu Dec 30 16:49:06 UTC 2004

On Thu, Dec 30, 2004 at 03:21:33PM +0100, Mariano Cunietti wrote:

> > Also look into using a "hidden" master , it will simplify things 
> > whenever you encounter an error during reload of your master.
> Thanks Peter.
> I was considering to use the "include" statement in my slave named.conf,
> to ease the readability of my newly generated slave zone list, and to
> keep it apart from general configuration statement as well.
> May this be a *correct* way to proceed?

This was my way to do it:

A hidden master with about 200000 zones and a handfull of slaves.

The named.conf on the slaves is split into a general section and
many include files.

Each include file held the zone statements for a sorted subset of
zones with a specific prefix (i.e. all zones starting with 'aaa' to
'aez' or similar).

The split is necessary because the whole config is several ten
megabytes that you do not want to read and write for every change.

Adding or deleting zones on the master triggered ssh sessions
to each slave that ran a small program to add/delete zone statements
to/from the appropriate include files and set a flag. The flag
was polled regularly to reload the nameserver.

The polling time is offset individually for each slave to avoid
reloading (which means an interruption of service) for a whole
nameserver set.

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