Error to validate the signature of a SIG(0) transaction...

Manuel Gil Perez manuel at
Fri Dec 31 13:39:57 UTC 2004

Hi and thanks Jim for your response.

> My guess is the key you've used isn't known to the server.

I think so too. This is the unique reason for what the server cannot 
validate the signature... but I use the private key of the server for 
signing the request and the server knows its own key.

Also, I've added a trusted-keys tag in the file /etc/named.conf where I 
specify the public key of the server to do the validation.

Thanks a lot!!

Manuel Gil Pérez

>>>>>> "Manuel" == Manuel Gil Perez writes:
>    Manuel> Hi everyone, I would like to use SIG(0) as mechanism to
>    Manuel> publish certificates into my DNS server of secure way
>    Manuel> using DNS dynamic update (note: I'm using the last version
>    Manuel> of BIND, 9.3.0).
>    Manuel> The request is generated and sent successfully but I
>    Manuel> obtain a SERVFAIL from the server:
>    Manuel> Reviewing the log files the server returns the following
>    Manuel> error: <<request has invalid signature: not verified yet
>    Manuel> (NOERROR)>>.
>    Manuel> Is BIND qualified to verify SIG(0) signatures??
> Of course. If it didn't what would be the point of supporting SIG(0)?
> Turn up the name server's DNSSEC debugging if you want to know why the
> verification failed. My guess is the key you've used isn't known to
> the server. If you post the actual files -- don't edit anything! --
> someone might be able to debug them. 

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