Bind 9.2.2-P3 resolver problems. - More Details.

Brath, Shane shane.brath at
Fri Jan 2 18:11:45 UTC 2004

To help with ideas on this I have added more data:

1) I started restricting queries and I noticed a large amount of in-addr
requests for the in-addr of my DNS servers, where the queries are primarily
from brazil. ?

2) The process grows to just over 300 megs before it starts failing, usually
about 2 days. Is this any relation to the "Bind crashed after 34 days"
problem I see in google?

3) Here is a more detailed version of the config. ( Note in the include
file, each zone re-declares the allowed transfer and allowed update hosts,
these settings are all per-zone ) 

/* Summary of my named.conf file  */
/* Some options I have the values removed, but the presence of the config
entry there so you know I have it */
/* Config entries that I have removed my option to I replace it with hidden
/* Each Server has 1 Gig/Ram, and Runs Solaris, BIND is compiled with GCC
2.95.3 */
/* Each Server is taking about 600q/s - 1000q/s from mailserver and other
traffic */

options {
	version <hidden>;
	dump-file <hidden>;
	pid-file <hidden>;
	statistics-file <hidden>;
	directory <hidden>;
	allow-query <hidden>;
	allow-transfer <hidden>;
	max-cache-size 400m;
        recursive-clients 4000; /* My math on this is 4000*20k = 80,000k or
78m */
        max-cache-ttl 172800;
	files unlimited;
	transfer-format many-answers;
	transfers-in 10;
	transfers-per-ns 10;
	notify no;
	coresize 16M;
	listen-on port 53 { any; };

/* Removed some controls and the root zone config */
zone "net" {
	type delegation-only;
zone "com" {
	type delegation-only;

/* Insert some of my logging here */
logging {
	< Removed >


include <Filename with all my zones in it>; /* About 9000 zones */

Shane Brath

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