What happens if I point an MX record to the wrong mailserver?

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Mon Jan 5 18:33:09 UTC 2004

This is really a function of your mail server being able to accept
messages sent to junk.com.  Once a sending SMTP server finds an MX for
that, it will attempt a direct SMTP connection to that server.  It is up
to the server to accept mail for whatever domains it is allowed to.

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I was wondering what happens if I do the following?=20
1) Create a new domain, "junk.com".=20

2) Point the DNS MX record for Junk.com to my mailserver at
BUT...The domain name at E-Rice.Net is "mydomain.com".=20

3) Create a mailbox on my mailserver named "test" (test at mydomain.com)=20

4) Send mail to test at junk.com=20
Will the mail be received into the "test" mailbox at "mydomain.com",
or will it be rejected?


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