Firewall DNS reverse- forward lookup

Barry Margolin barmar at
Thu Jan 1 07:49:41 UTC 2004

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> Hello all,
>   WE are having an issue with our Raptor firewall dropping packets because of 
>   a reverse - forward lookup fails. Here is the log and a link to why raptor 
>   logs it:
>   " reverse address doesn't 
>   match -- denied"
>   My questions is :  Is this a valid security check (reverse-forward)?  Is 
>   Raptors' rule to just drop these connections valid?  How would such a rule 

It's probably not a good idea to drop them in all cases, because many 
sites don't have their reverse DNS set up properly, but it can be useful 
to drop them in particular rules, like incoming SMTP.

>   handle round-robin, where a forward lookup can return a a different IP? Or 
>   a number of IP's?  Do any of you have any experience with this?  TIF  so 
>   much if you do!!  And happy new Year!!!.

The right thing for them to do is use multiple names -- one generic name 
that round-robins to all the addresses in the cluster, and another name 
that's unique to each address.  The latter is the one that should be in 
the reverse DNS.

In this case, they should have that's used by the load 
balancer, and then have matching forward and reverse lookups for <-> 66.28.189.##.

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Arlington, MA

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