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Mon Jan 5 20:33:28 UTC 2004

User, Public <public at> wrote:
>>Isn't the most obvious design applicable ? Placing ad in a sub-domain
>>and having wintendo nameservers servicing that subdomain ?

> Well, yes, that design will work, but all of my Windows servers will =
> have the subdomain prepended to the root domain when all of the rest of =
> the servers will have none, or another subdomain.  It would be best =
> organizationally to have a single, root domain ( to which all =
> servers belong to.  I guess a more specific question would be if Windows =
> AD can run with BIND9 (with DDNS enabled) instead of with Windows DNS.  =
> I can address the workstation issue by making them register all with a =
> subdomain keeping them out of my root domain.

Anything prepended is a function of settings in dns-tab ( or 
configs given by DHCP-server). So that is a non-issue.

Using a subdomain is even better since it will give your
wintendo machines a possibility to discriminate between 
your internal machines ( that they can access freely) from the 
"outside" machines ( located on your DMZ and beyond). All this
without needing any tricky "split-dns" tricks.

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