Question re: domain NS records

Barry Margolin barmar at
Mon Jan 5 21:14:33 UTC 2004

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 voss001 at (Mike Voss) wrote:

> Question:  I have about 200 domains using the 3 nameservers I run in
> my domain in their NIC records for SOA. 
> If I want to change the IP of one of my nameservers, when I update it
> in my domain, will it automatically be picked up by all domains using
> it, or would each domain have to be individually modified ?  I know
> when you register a domain you have to enter both name and IP for each
> nameserver, so I'm wondering if either gets dynamically updated or if
> they are forever static in the record until modified.

I think it depends on the registrar.  With Network Solutions, there's an 
independent "Host" object for the server, and you just modify this.  The 
domains reference the host object by name, not IP.

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