Log entries explanation

Jim McAtee jmcatee at mediaodyssey.com
Tue Jan 6 05:22:36 UTC 2004

No, althgouh the serial numbers are updated by hand, that shouldn't be a
problem.  There were actually several sequences of this nature in the slave's
logs.  Since the logging level was 'debug' I figured maybe these entries
might be normal, but just wanted to verify it.  I believe these xfers took
place as expected, but since the entries are several weeks old I can't
confirm that.

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Are you sure that the zone files on are getting the serial
number updated?  It looks like the primary has notified the secondary
(that log) that there is an update, but the serial number is not
incrementing or is not different than what the secondary already has.
When making changes to the primary zone files on the primary server,
make sure the serial number is updated for that zone.

If you have already done this, I am not sure what the log entries are
for.  Mistyped IP address?  Missing NS record?


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Can anyone explain the following log entries to me.  What does the
"nonincremental response" entry imply?  Does it have something to do
with the
serial number?  Why does the third entry mention the old serial, since
new serial on Dec 4 would have been 2003120401?

Dec  4 15:21:06.384 notify: info: received notify for zone 'xyz.com'

Dec  4 15:21:06.525 xfer-in: debug 3: transfer of 'xyz.com/IN' from connected

Dec  4 15:21:06.525 xfer-in: debug 3: transfer of 'xyz.com/IN' from requesting IXFR for serial 2003101701

Dec  4 15:21:06.525 xfer-in: debug 3: transfer of 'xyz.com/IN' from sent request length prefix

Dec  4 15:21:06.525 xfer-in: debug 3: transfer of 'xyz.com/IN' from sent request data

Dec  4 15:21:06.743 xfer-in: debug 3: transfer of 'xyz.com/IN' from got nonincremental response

Dec  4 15:21:06.821 xfer-in: info: transfer of 'xyz.com/IN' from end of transfer

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