Rebooting stops resolving for a while 2nd

Gary Mayor gary at
Tue Jan 6 17:58:11 UTC 2004

I apologies for my stupidness i've changed everything for the real 
domains and ip addresses. I'm with server matrix and i've had to do 2 
reboots today for some strange reason but strangely enough after those 
reboots everything seems to be working. This seems to be a problem that 
has no sinc in it any ideas.


When I reboot my server sometimes my domains and mail servers are not
available for an unknown amount of time but after several hours
everything returns to normal and everything can be accessed. The strange
thing is if after a reboot I try to access the domain or mail server
from my machine at home it doesn't work but if I go somewhere on the net
and try a ping test from somewhere else in the world it always works.
Can someone take a look at my main zone file and and a client zone file
and tell me if anything doesn't look right.

Main Zone File
$ttl 38400	IN	SOA (
                         38400 )	IN	A IN	A IN	A  IN	A  IN	A	IN	NS	IN	NS	IN	MX	5 IN	PTR

Client Zone File
$ttl 38400	IN	SOA	abertron01. gary at (
                         38400 )		IN	A		IN	A		IN	A		IN	A		IN	NS		IN	NS		IN	MX	5

Basically nothing works from from home computer after I reboot the
server but I seem to be able to access the server from elsewhere after a
reboot so what on earth is going on here.

I'm totaly confused any ideas.


Gary Mayor

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