Propogation and Nameserver Management

DiLu790 dilu790 at
Wed Jan 7 03:47:16 UTC 2004

Thanks for your response.

But here's a related new one if you don't mind. 

If let's say I did start out with 4 nameservers listed at my registrar of which
2 of course were the ones I wanted my domain to end up at. Then a day or two
later i went in and removed the extra 2 from my old host. 
Would this start me at square one? meaning, have I just added another 24-72++ 
hours of time to my wait?

Reason I ask is that my new host or at least one of their reps thinks that just
because 'Who Is' shows an updated date as being recent, that that's the date
from which the countdown to propagation begins. I disagree, since of course,
any change I make at the registrar (even changing my contact information would
change the 'last updated' date.

Or am I off on this argument?

You could probably gather by now that yes, I'm waiting and waiting and waiting
for something to happen.

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