Bind9 and Novell compatibility?

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Wed Jan 7 03:45:41 UTC 2004

New Netware6.5 shipped with a new named which is fully
compatible with Bind9


>>> "Brath, Shane" <shane.brath at> 1/6/2004 9:10:50 PM

I guess more specifically the person is using it to run their ISP,
community ISP. But when my Bind9 servers try to refresh a domain hosted
their servers it has random problems. Initial load is ok but refresh
But all my bind8 servers are fine?

I'm trying to figure out if there is some strange in-compatibility
bind9 and the Novell DNS server.


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I have a customer using a Novell NetWare 6 server to host some domain
And it seems that if I flush the cache on my bind9 boxes it loads up
domain for the first time fine. But when the domain refreshes a day
later is
most likely fails with NXDOMAIN.

The 2 nameservers running it are using some named process on Novell?
never seen this.
Here are the date and filesize info on that server on Novell.

02/12/2003  03:19a             243,975                 NAMED.NLM

Anyone know what software this is derived from?
Is it stable? Good?

Can I run BIND9 on NetWare?

Any suggestions would be great.

Shane Brath
TDS Internet Services

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