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Wed Jan 7 18:16:07 UTC 2004

Mike DiChiappari <mdichiappari at> wrote:
> I am thinking about (finally) setting up reverse DNS.  Occassionally someone
> reports the error " (reason: 501 Domain must resolve)" when trying to send
> mail to us.  I simply want our mail servers, which serves mail for several
> domains, to work properly with reverse DNS.

> How does one setup reverse dns when a server supports multiple (virtual)
> hosts?

There is no requirements that the mailserver has several FQDN, it's
better to have each domain have an MX record to
the "one-and-only" real mailserver 

Replace your zonefiles MX lines with :
	MX	5  mail.<FQDN-of-mailserver-itself>. ( terminated
with a dot) Which you seem to have forgotten in at least one 
place of the SOA records shown :-)

Same goes with the nameservers for the zones, there is no 
point in faking separate names of the nameservers just to
have them coincidence with the domain itself. In fact it's
far less work to have fewer glue-records to keep up to date.

> Thanks,
> Mike

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