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> Hmmm, I would have thought that the source being, uh, OPEN, to view and
> modify, would be "open source". I guess I need to brush up on my Newspeak,
> or something. :)

Yeah, the "Open Source" people picked a rather confusing name, although I
guess when you mean "sort of like Free Software but without the freedom",
you have to call it something.  :)

>> Don't mistake "source is available" for "is open source".  It's nowhere
>> close.

> You're making a very good point here, don't misunderstand me. But to
> argue terminology, I prefer "free software". No word games involved.

Likewise.  And for a lot of stuff, I prefer "BSD".  No games of any kind
involved.  :)

> Still, ordinary users are not likely to suffer much under DJB's non-free
> licensing, or at least not perceptibly so. They do possibly suffer from
> the stagnation and the stifling effects on those who might improve the
> software, or perhaps even implement some unimplemented standards. We'll
> probably never see things like DHCP DDNS in djbdns.

From=20what I can tell, djbdns is no longer developed at all.  The last
release is from 2001-02-11.  I gather that you can download patches that
make djbdns do various modern tricks, but note that it's illegal for those
people to distribute a patched version; you have to do all the patching
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