(probably stupid) question about testing

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Thu Jan 8 03:20:20 UTC 2004

Michael W.Cocke wrote:

>I've been using dyndns.org as my nameserver not because I have a
>dynamic IP but because my ISP doesn't provide DNS services.  Now, I
>THINK I've got my internal nameserver set up properly...  but before I
>go change my A record at Network Solutions to make my NS, er, my NS,
>is there a definitive method to make SURE I've got this set up
I'm a little confused. First you say "internal nameserver", then you 
talk about changing your A record at Network Solutions, which implies an 
external nameserver. Is the nameserver internal or external?

In any case, you can use the "named-checkzone" and "named-checkconf" 
utilities in the BIND 9 distribution to catch any syntatical errors. As 
for whether the zones contain the right information, try doing some 
remote zone transfers and verify that you're seeing the data you expect 
to be seeing.

- Kevin

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