Propagation Issues with Old Static IP Address?

Stephane Bortzmeyer bortzmeyer at
Thu Jan 8 20:29:37 UTC 2004

On Wed, Jan 07, 2004 at 11:06:05PM -0500,
 Steven Goldstein <stevengoldstein02 at> wrote 
 a message of 50 lines which said:

> I am a web developer in Cleveland, Ohio and I host 2 websites for my
> clients under the domain has a CNAME. Bad idea. It will work or fail,
depending on the resolver (check_soa and zonecheck cannot test it for
that reason). I suggest to replace it by an A.

> I am writing because my other domain name, seems to be
> having a caching/propagation problem. 

Same remark. Besides, this domain has only one nameserver, which does not exist. It
has a glue in ".com" but it is not known by the two nameservers of It explains your apparently random
> A little research with has told me the following:

Do not use this tool.

> WARNING. The parent servers (TLD2.ULTRADNS.NET.) are not providing
> glue for all your nameservers.

Stupid and spurious report by dnsreport (it occurs often on ".org"

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