redelegation of a domain

Len Conrad LConrad at
Sat Jan 10 13:51:38 UTC 2004

>I know that this doesn't work. We can't re-delegate the same zone.

well, some people do this and think it's really cool that it "works".  Esp 
when their NS has been delegated a reverse Class C and they try to 
re-delegate the Class (rather than delegate two /25's).

DNS is so weird and opaque to most people that I strongly recommend doing 
DNS delegations in the most strict, conservative, correct manner.  The NS 
authoritative for the parent zone delegates to an NS authoritative for the 
child zone.

If you can't do the delegation correctly, another approach is to leave the 
current NS as delegated, and make it a stealth slave to the other NS as 
zone master.  The admin of the stealth NS manages the zone data, but the 
current NS serves it. This works, of course, for any zone, both forward and 


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