Customer request

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Jan 13 04:25:56 UTC 2004

Jeff Stevens wrote:

>I have a customer request that goes like this:
>Customer wants to query particular outside DNS for a particular domain. 
>   He does NOT want to go to this DNS for ANY queries outside that 
>domain. (he is using pop mail on a mail server and wants to be dynamic 
>addresses for this server as they go up/down all the time)
>He cannot use as forwarder as he doesnt want users to be able to query 
>for other internet address.   He only wishes to dynamically query ONE 
>domain (actually ONE NAME - probably the mail server).
>I have a hard time seeing how he can pick up an external DNS NS unless 
>he manually configures a static IP for the domain NS.  It does appear he 
>wants to query it (and be the only one able to do so) for a single 
>address.  It seems a little ridiculous to lock down the users this way, 
>but I've no ideas other than a manual process.  If anyone has a tip, 
>they'll have my thanks...!
I'm a little confused: how does forcing particular queries to be 
resolved from some particular nameserver(s) help that name-resolution to 
be more "dynamic"? Even if you set up all of this "special" 
name-resolution, the records are still going to be cached according to 
whatever the TTL values are, so name-resolution is going to be just as 
dynamic (or non-dynamic) as if they were resolved "naturally" The only 
exception I can think of is if these "special" nameservers are 
deliberately munging the TTL values in order to make the data more 
volatile than the domain owner specified. But that's just evil...

- Kevin

P.S. "Customer request" is a really *bad* Subject: line. It looks like a 
spammer's attempt to trick people into opening their email.

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