notify delays using nsupdate

Zain Al Abdeen zain011 at
Tue Jan 13 07:07:25 UTC 2004

The delay seems to be with outbound notify when used with nsupdate.... 
the notify is fast on manual reload of the zone. Can someone explain the 
reason behind this ?
Is there a max time interval by which a notify would definately be sent 
when zones are dynamically updated ?
What other factors do effect this ?

Kevin Darcy wrote:

>Zain Al Abdeen wrote:
>>I was testing notify on test boxes configured with just a couple of 
>>zones. There is no load on either of the boxes acting as master and 
>>slave servers respectively. Both server are running bind 8.4.1-REL.
>>When a zone file is update manually on the master server and ndc reload 
>><zone name> is issued, notify is send in almost 20secs and the slave 
>>runs an AXFR almost immediately.
>>When a zone is updated using nsupdate on the master server, notify is 
>>issued in 2-10 mins and the slave runs an AXFR immediately. Whereas the 
>>master server is responding immediately with the updated SOA after nsupdate.
>>My questions are;
>>Why there is delay in sending notify when using nsupdate ?
>>Can the named be tuned to send notifies immediately after a successful 
>>nsupdate ?
>>What are implications for implementing nsupdate along with notify in an 
>>environment where there are 25,000 plus zones and more than 5 slaves to 
>>be notified ?
>>Can using bind 9 or higher version of bind 8 improve the above mentioned 
>>scenario ?
>No, I'm not aware of any way to tune the outbound-NOTIFY-scheduling 
>system. It's probably set quite conservatively because of all the sites 
>out there being pounded by Win2K clients automatically registering 
>themselves in DNS via Dynamic Update. If you have a dozens of slaves and 
>multiple updates per second, you probably don't want to be sending 
>NOTIFYs immediately as you get each update...
>- Kevin

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