Verizon problems - what else is new

Jeff Lasman blists at
Tue Jan 13 18:55:20 UTC 2004

Verizon has implemented something new.

My client tells me that Verizon tells them:

Now, I don't totally understand all this, but what they're saying is 
when they try to authenticate the domain that is sending the email 
should be the PTR record's IP Address is reports a different IP Address (or 
like that).

I've checked our forward/reverse DNS.

The email is coming from  Dig gives us

But doing dig on and doing nslookup on gives us a cname and a ptr, and only the cname appears to 
be for the exact IP#.

I'm guessing my upstream (who does reverse dns for me) is doing 
something wrong, but I can't tell what.

If you have a moment, please do some lookups and let me know what you 


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