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Thu Jan 15 12:06:58 UTC 2004

=46redrik H=C2kansson wrote:

>I'm in control over two root name servers on a huge companys Intranet. They
>are authoritative for ".", ".net" and "". Subzones are
>delegated to various servers within the company.
>My question is, would it be possible to have selective forward statements
>for some zones located on Internet from these root name servers? Remember
>that we also need to answer on non recursive queries since DNS clients are
>configured to use DNS servers spread around the organization.

This is something similar to my situation (except=20
no-one is in control !) I proposed to our group=20
that we run a split-horizon name service, but a=20
couple of elements refused to bring DNS in-house*

I looked at re-defining the root nameservers, but=20
then you have the problem of not being able to=20
resolve anything outside. It's a much more=20
manageable task to manage the domain names you=20
use internally, than try and manage any domain=20
name that you might want to use externally !

With split-horizon, you configure your=20
authoritative nameservers for all your domain=20
names using the Bind views feature. They each=20
have an internal and external view, and respond=20
with the internal data to internal requests. The=20
effect is that clients inside your network get=20
internal addresses for servers, but everyone else=20
gets the external views. For a bit more, see this=20
link I was provided with a while back :

>From: Jonathan de Boyne Pollard <J.deBoynePollard at>
>SH> What I thought could work would be :
>This is "split horizon" DNS service with multiple databases,
>one of the ways of setting up "split horizon" DNS service.

An alternative is simply to configure the 'root'=20
name servers normally, but define all the domain=20
names used internally. So if you in=20 need to resolve internal addresses=20
for, then you would simply define=20
the zone for (eg) :

zone "" {
   type slave/stub/forwarder <as required>
   masters ( ; ... ) ;

On the assumption that you do this on all name=20
servers that internal clients may query, then=20
these zone definitions will be used before=20
querying the real root servers for the real zone=20
glue, hence your internal clients will correctly=20
resolve the internal addresses.

Both work, they just have different=20
administrative requirements - and different scope=20
for cock ups !


* Understandable when they get the majority of=20
sales through web servers, and the thought of a=20
cock-up losing their DNS resolution didn't appeal=20
to them.


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