Wildcard zone

Daniel Foster daniel at 34sp.com
Thu Jan 15 14:27:16 UTC 2004


I need to create a wildcard zone, kind of like Sitefinder.  I can't seem 
to make bind 9 accept this.  Following is the contents of my named.conf:

options {
         directory "/etc/namedb";

zone "*" {
         type master;
         file "wildcard.zone";

And here's the contents of wildcard.zone:

$TTL 86400
@ IN SOA ns.wildcardtest.34sp.com. hostmaster.34sp.com. (
    IN NS   ns.wildcardtest.34sp.com.

*   IN A
ns  IN A

On running named, I get the following through syslog

named[55848]: starting BIND 9.2.2
named[55848]: using 1 CPU
named[55848]: loading configuration from '/etc/namedb/named.conf'
named[55848]: command channel listening on
named[55848]: command channel listening on ::1#953
named[55848]: dns_master_load: wildcard.zone:9: *: invalid NS owner name 
named[55848]: zone */IN: loading master file wildcard.zone: invalid NS 
owner name (wildcard)

I've fiddled around in the zone file a lot and can't find where the 
problem lies - anyone got any ideas?

Daniel Foster

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