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At 2004-01-15T05:50:54Z, "Matt" <nospam.hciss at> writes:

> Would it be possible to use NAT to redirect all UDP port 53 packets to
> AT&T's DNS servers?


> Would this cause total chaos?

No, just some random, irreproducible chaos.  The correct solution is to get
the customers to fix their IP addresses.  If they're using dialup, then they
should be getting those IPs from the PPP server.  If they're using static
DNS settings, then they should be technical enough to update the settings
themselves.  If you *have* to, though, couldn't you selectively redirect
queries to the known-bad servers to the new servers and let everything else
go as expected?

> We have one user that is running a W2K box that they use as there own DNS
> server and it goes directly to the root servers.

There was a thread about this on Slashdot last weekend.  Here's that thread,
starting with my comments:

I *think* I was correct in my assertion, at least to a first approximation
(I didn't want to muddy the waters with outlier situations).  Is there any
reason for end users not to use their ISP's DNS as forwarders other than
when the ISP's servers provide bad service, or for testing?
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