Simpson, Doug dsimpson at friedmancorp.com
Thu Jan 15 20:57:27 UTC 2004

I am running bind version 8.3.6 on freebsd.
I am running in a sandbox setup as per their "howto" on freebsd's website -
I am confused where I my logs are going and how to control this.  I think
they are ending up in /var/log/messages.
This is fine I guess but I would like to have some control over them.
Here is what I have - 
in my rc.conf file I have placed this line - 
syslogd_flags = "-l /etc/namedb/dev/log"
I have set the permissions as per the freebsd instructions.
Since I am running chrooted/sandbox I would think that my logs would be in
the sandbox area.
I decided to add this to my named.conf file to try and direct my logs - 

logging {
  channel my_syslog {
	syslog daemon;
	severity debug 1;
  channel my_file {
	file "var/log/named.log";
	severity debug 1;

What am I missing or have not done.
Hope this is enough info if not I can send much more.  I just like to keep
it short if possible.

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