BIND not answering queries while large zone loads

David Botham DBotham at
Fri Jan 16 14:11:32 UTC 2004


Please check the list archives on this topic:

This topic has been discussed at length within the last few days.  I would 
not expect Mark (or any other ISC person) to jump into this thread, given 
the recent discussions and volume of identical responses in the archives.



bind-users-bounce at wrote on 01/15/2004 08:41:32 PM:

> We have a number of large zones (most of them dnsbls). Some of the zones
> are around 80-90 Mb in size. I've noticed some problems that *seem* to
> corelate to the loading and / or transferring of large zones where BIND
> is very slow or completely unresponsive for a minute or two. Does anyone
> else see this problem, and if so, can anything be done about it? I've
> finally been able to separate authoritative and caching-only functions
> for the most part, and reducing the volume of queries seems to help a
> little [1].

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