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Kirk Strauser kirk at
Fri Jan 16 14:27:30 UTC 2004

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At 2004-01-15T23:38:20Z, Genco YILMAZ <gyilmaz at> writes:

> redirection dns request to another dns server doesn't cause a problem ?
> What happens, when destionation address in the udp packet and the source
> address in the reply packet differ ?  Doesn't it cause a problem ?  just a
> curiosity ..

It very well could, although I really don't know the right answer.  That's
why I'd recommend only redirecting a specific set of dst addresses.

A better solution is to not redirect *any* addresses and fix customers'
settings as they call tech support.  It's a short-term pain, but certainly a
lot better than trying to maintain an elaborate facade of routing tricks.
Kirk Strauser

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